Mbsm.pro, Compressor, EMBRACO, EMT6170Z, HBP, R134a, 350 G, 220-240V/1F/50Hz, 1/4 hp++, 1/3 HP–, 7.69 cm3


Compressor EMBRACO EMT6170Z, HBP – R134a, 220-240V/1F/50Hz. Power: 1/4 HP. Stroke volume: 7.69 cm3. Motor type: CSIR. Oil filling: POE 22 180 ml. Starting current (LRA): 10.4 A. Power at +7.2 / +54.4 °C: 806 W. Cooling with fan. Air flow: 520 m3/h. Capillary tube/expansion valve operation. Weight: 7.8 kg Cooling capacity measured for condensation temperature 45°C, suction gas temperature 20°C, frequency 50 Hz, measurement conditions: EN12900

Capacitor :Starting capacitor: 53-64 UF
Dimensions ( length × width × height ):22,80 × 15,50 × 16,60 cm
Scope of application:HBP
Power (W):806
Cooling capacity (W):411
Cooling capacity (W) at To -15°C:330
Cooling capacity (W) at To -10°C:418
Cooling capacity (W) at To -5°C:771
Cooling capacity (W) at To 0°C:559
Cooling capacity (W) at To 5°C:522
Cooling capacity (W) at To 10°C:915
starting torque:HST
Connection:solder terminals
Connection size:4,94 mm
Design type:Hermetic , reciprocating
Manufacturer:Aspera , Embraco Aspera
Hubvolumen (cm3):7.69
Info:Oil pre-filled
Contents:1.00 pcs.
Condensation temperature:45°C
Performance condition:+7.2°C to +54.4°C
Power range (C):-15 C to +10 C
Power range (hp):0-2
Power range (W):401 – 500 W 701 – 1000 W
Max. starting current (A):10.4
Measurement conditions:EN12900
Engine type:CSIR
Rated power (hp):0.3
suction side:6,1 mm
Power supply:230 V
Compressor type:reciprocating
Condensing Units Compressors:compressor
To be used with:Capillary/expansion
Olmenge (l):0.18
Oil type:ISO22, POE22 ISO22