Mbsm.pro, Compressor, SIKELAN, GQR80TG, 1/4 hp++, HBP, 1/3 hp–, Refrigeration, R134a, 220-240V 50HZ, MQ-GQR80TG, GQ R80TG



1.Product Performance
 1)GQR80TG,MQseries, use R134a refrigerant; 
 2)Voltage application 220V to 240V;
 3)Frequency for 50HZ;
 4)Motor type:CSR;
 5)Cooling type: F;
 6)Starting device is PTC/CURRENT Relay;
 7)Application: HBP;
 8)Nominal power is 1/4+ HP;
 9)COP is 2.25 with the cooling capacity 220W.

Basé sur l’état d’essai (ASHRAE)
Température d’évaporation: 7.2 degrés
Température ambiante: 35 degrés
Température de refroidissement: 46.1 degrés
Température de condensation: 54.4 degrés
Température d’aspiration: 35 degrés

Product Description 2

KONOR GQR80TG fridge compressor 200-220V/50Hz 220-230V/60Hz R134A


1. Low levels of noise and vibration.
2. Developed for LBP applications can be adapted for M / HBP applications.

Technical Features

1. Standard, medium, high and very high levels of efficiency
2. Available for R-134A, R-600A and R-290

Household Applications

– Freezers
– Refrigerators
– Wine Coolers

Commercial Applications

– Horzontal Freezers
– Merchandisers
– Equipment for professional kitchens
– Dispenser
– Water Coolers
– Wine Coolers
– Ice makers
– Vending Machines
– Minibar

They are the best selling high-tech compressors sold in the world. They are ideal for domestic refrigeration and also for small commercial applications. They are small, have low noise and vibration levels, they achieve the highest levels of efficiency available in the market for this category.

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    ModelDisplacementHeightMotor  TypeCooling  capacityCOP
Power  SupplyPowerNet  weight
 cm3  MM WW/WV/HzHPKg