Mbsm.pro, Solution, Error, E4, Beko, CNE50520DE, CNE 50520DE, Fridge, Freezer, No frost, 500 L, Compressor, r600a, 56 G, 1/5 hp, LBP, 160 w, 0.80 A, made in Turkey


A red exclamation point and an “E4” code appears and flashes and the freezer is on and cooling properly



Before any intervention:
Secure your food.
Carry out a 24-hour defrost with the doors open and the appliance disconnected.
Everything should be back to normal. If this problem recurs often, it will be necessary to look into the defrost resistance, or even its operation.
Note: At the same time; take advantage of this intervention to clean the rear part of the motor and the Stock fan from dust.

F4: If the defrost time is equal to the maximum defrost time of 60 min. for 3 consecutive defrosts, this error is indicated. The control performs defrost heating normally.