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image_pdfimage_print, Codes and capacities of ZEL all compressors, pistons, motors, and refrigeration and air conditioning motors

GVY61AA, GVY75AA, GVY75AG, GTH86AA, GTH93AA, GTT66AA, GTT75AA, GKD86AA, GKD93AA, GXL140F, GXL200F ,  MODEL ,  GML70A, GML90A, GML110A, GML125A, GML140A, GML140A/I, GML160A, GML180A, GML200A, GML200A/I, GTM26AA, GTM75AA, GDL160A, GDL200A, GXL100A, GXL125A, GXL140A, GXL160A, GXL200A, GXL240A, GL60TP, GL80TP, GL90TP, GL90TP/I, GL10TP, GL12TP, GHP16AA, GHP18AA, GHP21AA ,  MODEL ,  HML100A, HML125A, HML140A, HML155A, HML170A, HML190A, HML200A, HDL100A, HDL125A, HDL140A, HDL155A, HDL170A, HDL200A, HXL100A, HXL125A, HXL140A, HXL155A, HXL170A, HXL190A, HPL100A, HPL125A, HPL140A, HML125A(T), HML140A(T), HML170A(T), HMK12AA ,  , MODEL ,  HDL125F, HDL140F, HDL160F, HDL180F, HDL190F, HXL140F, HXL160F, HXL190F , HML125G , HML140G , HML170G , HDL140G , HDL170G , HXL155G , HXL185G ,  ,  MODEL ,  GML70A, GML80A, GML90A, GML110A, GML125A, GML140A, GML180A, GML200A(M), GML200A, GDL140A, GDL160A, GDL200A(M), GDL200A, GXL125A, GXL140A, GXL160A, GXL200A ,  , MODEL ,  GML70G , GML80G , GML90G , GML125G , GML140G , GML160G , GXL125G , GXL140G , GXL160G ,  GML110A(T), GML140A(T), GML200A(T) ,  MODEL ,  HDZ100A(M), HDZ100A, HDZ125A, HDZ140A, HDZ155A, HDZ170A, HXZ100A, HXZ125A, HXZ140A, HXZ155A, HXZ170A, HPZ100A, HPZ125A, HPZ140A, HPZ155A, HPZ170A, HDZ100F, HDZ125F, HDZ140F, HDZ160F, HDZ190F ,  , MODEL ,  HMM70A, HMM80A, HMM90A, HMM100A, HDM80A, HDM90A, HDM100A, HDM110A ,  , MODEL ,  GL90TB, GL90TB(B), GL10TB, GL12TB , GL60TG , GL90TG ,  GTM93AA, GTM10AA, GTM12AA ,  GTM93AG ,  GMM70A, GMM80A, GMM90A, GMM110A ,  ,  MODEL ,  NLT44AA, NLT53AA, NLT57AA, NLT61AA, NLT66AA, NLT75AA, NLT80AA, NLT86AA, NLT93AA, NLT44AA(I), NLT53AA(I), NLT57AA(I), NLT61AA(I), NLT66AA(I), NLT75AA(I, NLT80AA(I), NLL160A, NLL200A, NLL200A(I), NMT53AA, NMT57AA, NMT66AA, NMT75AA ,  ,  MODEL ,  HTT11AA, HPKD190A, HPKX190A, HTH14AA, HTH14AA(I), HKD14AA, HYV67AA.02, HTK12AA.02 , HPKD180G , HPKD200G ,  ,  MODEL ,  GVY57AA, GVY61AA, GVY66AA, GVY75AA, GTH86AA, GTH93AA, GTM93AA, GTT66AA, GTT75AA, GKD86AA, GKD86AA(I), GKD93AA , GVY53AG , GVY57AG , GVY75AG , GKD86AG , GKD93AG