Mbsm.pro, Fridge, Compressor, Asq91h, 1/3 hp, AC Power, 220 w, R134A, Gas, Lbp, 220V


Product Description

1.Product Performance
 1)ASQ91H, Q series, use R134A refrigerant; 
 2)Voltage application 220V to 240V;
 3)Frequency for 50/60HZ;
 4)Motor type: RSIR;
 5)Cooling type: ST;
 6)Starting device is PTC Relay;
 7)Application: Low Back Pressure;
 8)Nominal power is 1/3HP;
 9)COP is 1.25 with the cooling capacity 220W.

This model has passed CB/VDE certificates, and main characters as below
  1)Small size;
  2)High efficiency & reliability;
  3)Low noise & vibration;
  4)Applied to mini refrigerator, water dispenser, etc.

Basing on Test Condition(ASHRAE)
 Evaporating Temperature: -23.3 degree
 Ambient Temperature: 32.2 degree
 Subcooling Temperature: 32.2 degree
 Condensing Temperature: 54.4 degree
 Suction Temperature: 32.2 degree