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Product information “CUBIGEL / HUAYI GU80TB Compressor, HMBP – R134A, 200 – 240V, 50HZ”

CUBIGEL / HUAYI GU80TB hermetic, HMBP – R134A, 200 – 240V, 50HZ

Compression 8,10 [cm3],

CSIR type engine,

Öltyp POE,

Öinflation 220 cm3, 686 W in +5 / +55 C°; according to CECOMAF,

Input power 346 W, 2.14 A,

Expansion device: capillary or expander, cooling by fan,

Weight 9.23 kg

Replacing: GL80TB

Power supply:230 V
For use with:Capillary/expansion
Cooling capacity (W) at -5°C:727
Cooling capacity (W) at -10°C:390
Cooling capacity (W) at -15°C:290
Cooling capacity (W) at -20°C:215
Cooling capacity (W) at -25°C:165
Cooling capacity (W) at 0°C:615
Cooling capacity (W) at 5°C:500
Cooling capacity (W) at 10°C:840
Champ d’application:HMBP, MBP/HBP
Suction line (mm):6,5
Pressure line (mm):4,9
Content:1,00 pc
Max current Starting current (A):9,7
Max current Operating current (A):1,79
Suction side:6,5 mm
Dimensions (length × width × height):24,00 × 16,20 × 19,10 cm
Maker:ACC Cubigel Huayi Electrolux ZEM
Power Range (CV):0-2
Power Range (W):501 – 700 W
Condensing units Compressors:Compressor
Info:Pre-filled oil
Model series:GU
Power range (C):-25 C to +10 C
Power consumption (W):302
Cooling power (W):554
Rated power (hp):0,25
Quantity of oil (l):0,3
Connection size:4,9 mm
Type / Series:GU80TB
Oil type:ISO VG 22 Ester
Compressor type:Alternative piston
Type of construction:Hermetic , Reciprocating piston
Type of engine:CSIR
Stroke volume (cm3):7,57
Discharge and suction volume (m3):1,3