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User characteristics
vendor codeTY302KS116F045IJD
Cylinder volume22.3
TypeSealed piston
Cooling capacity2081
Power supply1 phase / 220-240 V / 50 Hz

Hermetic medium-temperature piston compressor is used for medium-power refrigeration equipment (showcases, cabinets, cabinets, etc.). Designed to work as part of a refrigeration machine with R134a refrigerant. Produced at the TECUMSEH plant. Supplied in individual packaging. Rotalock valve for suction under 1/2 nut.

The main features of Tecumseh TYA compressors:
– lower weight and height compared to similar CAJ compressors,
– a thermal protection relay built into the compressor housing,
– a rotallock valve for the compressor suction with a nut.

Test conditions: ASHRAE: To=-23°C, Tk=+54°C, Tr=+32 °C LBP
Suction pipeline, inch: Rotalock suction valve for 1/2 nut.
Discharge pipe, inch: soldering
Cylinder volume, cm3: 22.33
Rotalock valve on the discharge pipe: no
Cooling capacity, W: 2081
Power consumption, W: 822
Rotalock valve on the suction pipe: yes
Compressor type: hbp, sealed piston CSR
Compressor height, mm: 234.5
Net weight, kg: 19