SCHNEIDER N:ATV32H075M2 variable speed drive ATV32 – 0,75 kw – 200 V – 1 phase – with heat sink

White whale look machine a laver

LG, compressor, 1/10 ,1/8 ,1/6 ,1/5 ,1/4 ,1/3 , hp power, wattage, capillary, amperes

Refrigereation, Compressor, GFF57AA, SEBERIA, Hermetic, Compressor GFF57AA, LBP, R134a, Disp.5.7cc, 1/5HP, Series, LBP

compressor, R134a, AE4430Y-FZ, HERMÉTIQUE-TECUMSEH, 220-240V 50Hz, 1/4HP++, HMBP, 1/3HP, 337W, AEZ4430Y

Embraco, Universal, EM45HHR, R134a, Refrigeration Compressor, Low, Medium & High Back Pressure, 1/8hp, Nominal Motor HP, For use with refrigerators, ice makers, frozen food cabinets, frozen food display cases, display windows, 115v

Tecumseh, Copeland, Compressor, Cross, Reference, P12FW, Compressor, R-12, 1/3HP, 230V, HMBP, ACC-ELECTROLUX, CUBIGEL/HUAYI

Donper Hermetic Compressor , R600a, Lj126Cy, 1/3 Hp, R600a

Panasonic, refrigerator, compressor, SB48C95GAW5, 110w, White-Westinghouse refrigerator, 220v, 50 Hz, 85L, R134A/80G, 1/6 Hp

Reduire 5.0v d’un chargeur gsm portable Jusqu’à 3.0V Pour Allimenter un Chauffe-eau 10 Litre Eléctronique