Mbsm.pro, American, Gibson, refrigerator, SE209-12, SE 209-12, SE209, R12, 527 L, 260 w, Compressor, 1/4 hp++, 1/3 hp–, AEA3430AXA / AEA4430AXA


Replaces Copeland AFG2-0026-SAA and JFC1-0025-SAA, Embraco FF10BKW, and Tecumseh AEA1410AXA and AEA3430AXA.

Motor: Resistive Start Inductive Run & Captive Start Inductive Run (RSIR/CSIR)
Evaporating Temperatures: -10°F to 45°F

The same compressor Embraco Universal FF10BK1 R12 Refrigeration Compressor. Low, Medium & High Back Pressure. 1/4+ Nominal Motor HP. For use with refrigerators, ice makers, frozen food cabinets, frozen food display cases, display windows, etc.

  Product Specifications
  Volts (V):220
  Motor Type:RSIR/CSIR
  Locked Rotor Amps (LRA):14.5
  Horsepower (HP):1/4+
  HP (Nominal):1/4+
  BTU Capacity LBP & MBP:915
  BTU Capacity HBP:3100/3240
  Required Refrigerant :R12
  Starting Torque:Normal
  BTU Capacity LBP & MBP:915
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Replaces Old Numbers:   103U1905, 103U1915, 103U191501, 103U1955, 103U1965, 103U196501, 20106020, 20106025, 20106038, 20146677, 2154561, 2154562, 30-FF10BKW, 4318109, 4392052, 5303916022, 5303916411, 5303917192, 5303917938, 5303917939, 5303917941, 5304428316, 5304428317, 777980047027, A5160A, A5170A, AE1390A, AE1410CR, AE14ZF11, AE3425A, AEZ1380B, AF045, AT235, AT43, CB200, CB250, CP200, CP250, E3121A, FF10A, FF10BK, FF10BKW, FFE9A, FFS9A, FGS95AW, FR10BX, MH310, ML090, PW9K18, R7736201, SE108-1, SE109-1, SE208-1, SE209-1, SG108-1, SG109-1, SG208-1, SG209-1, VC1805A, WR87X204, YB2500C