Mbsm.pro, Compressor, TLX4KK, 102h 4446, Compressor Mini Portable, freezing, R600A, Truck Car Fridge, 20-to-40 L, Compatible , EMY20CLC, 1/12 hp, Lbp, 54 W at 23ºC, Capacitor 2,5µF


Embraco Aspera EMY20CLC single-phase motor, freezing
(LBP), 4.5 cm³, R600a
• Aspera refrigeration compressor for freezing: 40W at -30ºC.
• Functional single-phase isobutane engine with a swept volume of 3.97 cc.
This professional compressor made in Europe stands out for its high energy eciency,
increased reliability and remarkable quietness.

EMY20CLC is a small hermetic compressor that can be successfully used to be
refrigerator compressor, showcase compressor and refrigerator-freezer.

Compared to other piston compressors on the market, Embraco Aspera technology
stands out in that, during operation, energy consumption varies and adapts, leading to a
reduction of even 40%.

Power supply 220-240/50/1 V/Hz/Ph
Application LBP
Refrigerant R600a
Displacement 3.97 cm³
Weight 7.5 kg
Height 166 mm
Cooling capacity [W] / Evapor. temp. [°C] (Condensing temp. 45°C) -30°C : 40 W
-25°C : 54 W

-20°C : 71 W
-15°C : 92 W
-10°C : 116 W
-5°C : 144 W
Capacity (rated point ASHRAE -23,3°C) 61 W
Cooling capacity [W] / Evapor. temp. [°C] (Condensing temp. 55°C) -30°C : 34 W
-25°C : 45 W
-20°C : 60 W
-15°C : 77 W
-10°C : 98 W
-5°C : 121 W