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Product information “Compressor Aspera Embraco NEK1121Z, LBP – R134a, 220 – 240 V/50 Hz”

Aspera NEK1121Z is a HERMETIC compressor for low pressure range (LBP)• Engine type: RSIR• Performance: 1/4 hp• Displacement: 9.27 cm3• LBP Evaporating temperature -35° C to -10° C• Temperature range -25° C

Compressor type:Reciprocating piston
Condensation temperature:45 °C
Condensing units Compressors:Compressor
Cooling capacity (W):246
Cooling capacity (W) at To -25°C:213
Cooling capacity (W) at To 5°C:574
Design:Design, Hermetic
Dimensions ( length × width ):24,20 × 17,80 cm
Displacement (cm3):9,26
Engine type:RSIR
Info:Oil prefilled
Manufacturer:Aspera, Embraco Aspera
Max. Starting current (A):14,8
Measuring conditions:EN12900
Oil quantity (l):0,35
Oil type:ISO22, POE22
Power range (W):201 – 300 W
Power supply:230 V
Scope of application:LBP
Start-up torque:Start-up torque
To be used with:Capillary tube
Typ / Serie:NEK1121Z
cooling capacity (W) at To -10°C:462
cooling capacity (W) at To -15°C:365
cooling capacity (W) at To -20°C:282
cooling capacity (W) at To -30°C:158
Working area:LBP
Design type:Hermetic
Model series:NEK
Use with:Capillary
Power supply:230 V
Oil type:POE22
Engine type:RSIR
Article condition:New
Info:Oil filled
Shipping weight:12,40 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width ):24,20 × 17,80 cm
customs tariff number:84143081
Manufacturer:Embraco Aspera
Max. Starting current (A):15,5
Engine type:RSIR
Note:Static cooling
Conveying and suction volume (m3):6,2
Oil quantity (l):0,35
Compressor type:Piston