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The TECUMSEH Compressor is specially developed for domestic and small commercial refrigeration. The great differential of the TECUMSEH compressor is that it has the lowest noise levels and reduced energy consumption. The compressor’s electric motor is equipped with reinforced internal protection. It has a compact and very resistant design. Technical Specifications of the Compressor Motor TECUMSEH R134: Brand: TECUMSEH; Model TA1360Y; HP: 1/5; Gas: R134. Modelos compatíveis: BRD32B BRD33A BRO31A BRO35A BVG24D BVG24FB BVG24GB BVS26B CHA22C CRD33A CRD33B CRD34B CRD35DB CRD35DC CRD36FB CRD36FC CRD36GB CRD37EB CRD37ZB CVU18EB CVU18FB CVU26B CVU26C CVU26DB CVU26DC Itens inclusos do produto: 01 Motor Compressor TECUMSEH 1/5 HP THG1352YDS R134 Imagem ilustrativa.