Compressor, Konor, GQY99AA, refrigerator freezer, r134a, 1/4 hp, Lbp

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The dc GQY99AA compressor is intended especially for use in freezer,refrigeration cabinet,showcase,drinking machine,ice machine.


A.R134a refrigeration compressor,1/4HP
B.reasonable structure and compact size
C.high efficiency,energy saving
D.reliable security
E.good adjustment with any temperature

Refrigeration compressor,LBP R134a refrigeration compressor

model number: GQY99AA

1. stable performance,high security
2. High efficiency, low power consumption
3.good adaptability of volty

4.certificate:RoHS, VDE, CE, CCCs,UR, UL


 LBP,R134a compressor,use for cabinet,show case,liquor cabinet and other medium and large sized refrigeration machines.

Test Conditions(Ashrae):

Evaporating temperature:-23.3ºC

Condensing temperature:54.4ºC

Subcooling temperature:32.2ºC

Suction temperature:32.2ºC

Ambient temperature:32.2ºC