Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Huaguang , EKA95, LBP, R-600, 165 W, CHINA, 1/5 Hp

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For R-600, Low Temperature (LBP)

Power = 165W

(Made in China – Wanbao Group Compressor Co.Ltd)

Compressor EKA95L 220-240V, 50Hz is used in domestic refrigerators and commercial equipment.
Freon – R600a
Application – low-temperature equipment
Cooling capacity (according to ASHRAE, Тk 54.4°C, Ti -23.3°C) – 165 W.
Power consumption (according to ASHRAE, Тk 54.4°C, Ti -23.3°C) – 122.5 W.
Cylinder volume – 9.5 cm³
Country of origin – China