Mbsm.pro, Cubigel, Compressor, GPY14R, R134a, HMBP, 3/8 HP, HMBP, 14.32cc, High Efficiency


Compressor ACC Cubigel Huayi Electrolux ZEM GPY14RAa, HMBP – R134a, 220 V/1/50Hz, 3/8 HP, discharge 14.32 cm3, motor type CSIR, oil type ISO VG 22 ester, oil charge 400 cm3, 1161 W at +5 / +55 °, input power, current 585 W, 3.42 A,expansion device: capillar or valve, cooling: fan, weight 12.6 kg , the statutory warranty period shall apply (24 months), Delivery time Info: with “immediately available” and “scarce stock”, usually delivery within 2 days. For “currently not available” delivery time usually 2 weeks or delivery time in urgent cases contact us.

Power range(W):1 – 1,5 kW
Connecting size:6,5 mm
Suction:8,1 mm
Working area:HMBP
Design type:Hermetic
Model series:GPY
Use with:Expansion/Capillary
Power range(HP):0-2
Power supply:230 V
Oil type:ISO VG 22 Ester
Engine type:CSIR
Article condition:New
Info:Oil filled
Shipping weight:14,60 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ):23,10 × 16,20 × 21,10 cm
customs tariff number:84143081
Cooling capacity condition:+5 / +55 C
Manufacturer:ACC Cubigel Huayi Electrolux ZEM
Stroke volume (cm3):14,32
Cooling capacity (W):1161
Power (HP):0,4
Power consumption (W):585
Max. Starting current (A):16
Max. Operating current (A):3,42
Engine type:CSIR
Note:Fan cooling necessary
Oil quantity (l):0,4
Compressor type:Piston
Pressure line (mm):6,5
Suction line (mm):8,1