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The VNTZ 165 M is a refrigerator compressor. It is manufactured by Arcelik, a Turkish company that produces home appliances. The VNTZ 165 M is used in a variety of refrigerators, including Beko, Blomberg, and Grundig brands.

VNTZ 165 M compressor

The VNTZ 165 M is a reciprocating compressor, which means that it uses a piston to compress the refrigerant gas. It is a variable-speed compressor, which means that it can adjust its speed to match the cooling demand of the refrigerator. This can help to save energy.

The VNTZ 165 M uses R600a refrigerant, which is also known as isobutane. R600a is a natural refrigerant that is more environmentally friendly than some other refrigerants.

Here are some of the specifications of the VNTZ 165 M compressor:

  • Cooling capacity: 165 kcal *1.163=195 watts
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz/ 3PH
  • Current: 1.79 A in 4500 rpm
  • Oil type: POE
Replacement Compressor ModelManufacturerTypeCooling Capacity (Watts)RefrigerantVoltageFrequencyCurrentOil Type
EMBRACO EMYE75CLCEmbracoReciprocating147R600a220-240V50Hz1.55APOE
ACC GVY75AAACCRotary155R600a220-240V50Hz1.65APOE
DANFOSS SC15CLDanfossScroll154R600a220-240V50Hz1.65APOE
Replacement Compressor ModelManufacturerTypeCooling Capacity (Watts)RefrigerantVoltageFrequencyCurrent RangeOil Type
EMBRACO NJ5220GKEmbracoInverter154 – 215R600a220-240V50Hz1.1-1.95APOE
ACC HVY75AAACCInverter140 – 190R600a220-240V50Hz1.0-1.65APOE
DANFOSS TL5GDanfossInverter145 – 204R600a220-240V50Hz1.1-1.85APOE