Mbsm.pro, Conversion circuit, from 220 v to 12 v / 1 A, to operate a, DC12V, fan, in the refrigerator

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  • Convenient and compact: Pre-built, plug-and-play solution.
  • Power rating: Choose an adapter with a power rating sufficient for your fan’s wattage.
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  • Step-down transformer: Reduces 220V AC to a lower AC voltage (e.g., 12V AC).
  • Rectifier circuit: Converts AC to DC.
  • Capacitor: Smoothes out voltage fluctuations.
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  • High efficiency: Typically over 80%, reducing energy waste.
  • Smaller size: Compared to linear power supplies.
  • Available as pre-built modules or DIY kits:
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  • Fan’s power requirements: Ensure the converter can supply the necessary current.
  • Safety: Implement proper insulation and grounding for AC connections.
  • Heat dissipation: Consider heat sinks for transformers or power supplies, especially for high-power fans.
  • Placement: Avoid placing the converter in areas with high moisture or condensation.
  • Professional installation: Recommended for those unfamiliar with electrical work.
  • Fuse: Add a fuse to the circuit for added protection against short circuits.
  • Switch: Include a switch to easily turn the fan on and off.
  • LED indicator: Add a LED indicator to show when the converter is powered on.