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 Compressor, Tecumseh/Taikang Piston Compressor Model: TPA1390YKS/TP1390YS, Type: Low Back Pressure, Refrigerant: R-134a, Supply Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz, Tecumseh/Taikang TPA1390YKS/TP1390YS a

Product Family

Model NumberDecriptionManufacturer
TPA1380YXATP104AR-003-J7 1/4 HP R-134Tecumseh Product Co.
TPA1390YXATP101AR-003-J7 1/4HP R134ATecumseh Product Co.
TPA1410YXATP Series CompressorsTecumseh Product Co.

Tecumseh/Taikang piston compression TPA1390YKS/TP1390YS detailed parameters:

product description

Product numberproduct typeapplicationRefrigerantSupply Voltage/FrequencyVersion
TPA1390YKS (TP1390YS)PistonLBP – Low Back PressureR-134a220-240V ~ 50HzN/A


conditionTest voltagecooling capacityinput powereffectivenessEvaporation temperatureCondensing temperatureambient temperaturereturn air temperatureliquid temperature
ASHRAE220V ~ 50HZ7501892201594.721.191.38-23°C (-10°F)54°C (130°F)32°C (90°F)32°C (90°F)32°C (90°F)
CECOMAF220V ~ 50HZ5601411641543.64.921.07-25°C (-13°F)55°C (131°F)32°C (90°F)32°C (90°F)55°C (131°F)

General / General / General

Evaporation temperature range:-34.4°C to -12.2°C (-30°F to 10°F)
Motor torque:Low Start Torque (LST)
Compressor cooling:Static

Mechanical/Mechanical Properties/Mechanical Properties

Weight unit:KG
Displacement (cc):7.28
Oil Type:N/A
Viscosity (cSt):N/A
Oil quantity (cc):0


Voltage range (50 Hz):198-253
Voltage range (60 Hz):N/A
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA):9.5
Rated load current (RLA 50 Hz):1.17
Rated load current (RLA 60 Hz):0
Maximum Continuous Current (MCC in Amps):0
Motor Resistance (Ohms) – Main:9.23
Motor Resistance (Ohms) – Start:11.31
Motor Type:RSIR
Overload Type:N/A
Relay Type:N/A