Compressor ,WS85YG, 220 to 240V/50Hz, 1/8HP ,RSCR , R600


Founded in December 1994, Hangzhou Qianjiang Compressor Co., Ltd., is specialized in producing hermetic compressors for refrigerators, freezers and various household appliances. Due to attaching great importance to technical innovation and development of new products, the company owns a technical team to pursue the excellent and constant self-development.

Hermetic compressor R600a
Power Supply: 220 to 240V/50Hz
Displacement (cm³ ): 8.5
Cooling Capacity (W): 147
Rated Power (W): 92
Nominal power (HP): 1/8
COP (W/W): 1.6
Motor Type: RSCR
Capacitor(μ F):4
Starting Relay: PTC
Cooling Type: S
Packing (PCS/pallet): 100
20″FCL (PCS): 2000

1. Strong load capacity
2. High efficiency & reliability
3. Reliable starting performance
4. Low sound

  ModelRefrigerant                                              Power Supply  Displacement (cm³ )  Cooling Capacity  (W)Rated Power    (W) Nominal power        (HP)  COP 
Motor Type  Capacitor (μ F)Starting RelayCooling Type  Packing (Pcs/pallet)1× 20′ FCL  (pcs)
WS85YGR600A 220-240V/50Hz8.5147921/81.6RSCR4PTCS1002000