Rsir/Rscr ,Compresseur , ACC Cubigel ,Electrolux ,HTH14AA ,R600 , 220 / 240 V/50 Hz,1/4HP ,Engine 14 cm³,LBP ,245W

  • Further features: LBP 9,37kg 1/4HP engine size 14 cm³
  • Manufacturer: Rsir/Rscr
  • Air Conditioning: R600 a
  • Type: HTH14AA
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

HTH14AA R600A 220-240V/50Hz refrigeration compressor in China

1. Small size
2. High efficiency & reliability
3. Reliable starting performance
4. Low sound & vibration

LBP, refrigerator, freezer, liquor cabinet, display cabinet and other medium sized refrigeration machines


Evaporating temperature -23.3degree
Condensing temperature 54.4 degree
Subcooling temperature 32.2 degree
Suction temperature 32.2 degree
Ambient temperature 32.2degree
They are the best selling high-tech compressors sold in the world. They are ideal for domestic refrigeration and also for small commercial applications. They are small, have low noise and vibration levels, they achieve the highest levels of efficiency available in the market for this category.
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ModelDisplacementHeightMotor TypeCooling capacityCOP
Power Supply
HTH14AA 14.0cm 3183 MMRSIR/RSCR245W1.37/1.44W/W220-240V/50Hz