mbsm.pro , Compresseur Aspera , Embraco ,NEK2168GK , R404a/R507 , LBP ,3/4 HP,nominal output: 707 W


EMBRACO is a company specialized in cooling solutions and world leader in the hermetic compressor market. Our mission: provide innovative solutions for a better quality of life, always attentive to technological excellence and sustainability. Technological leadership, operational excellence and sustainability are some of the pillars which ensure the EMBRACO differential over other companies in the world market. Its products are now considered the favorite leading home appliance manufacturers by major automakers and are spotlighted by manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment. With global operations and production capacity exceeding 34 million units a year, the company offers solutions that are differentiated for their innovation and low energy consumption. Its 11.500 employees work in factories and offices located in Brazil (headquarters), China, Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, the United States and Russia. Energy efficiency is constantly sought in the processes, products and relationships with the communities where it operates. Our company is the absolute leader in this segment, being able to offer products that meet the most restrictive international standards regarding energy consumption. As a worldwide leader, EMBRACO tries to anticipate market changes, and in doing so, our company is in a state of permanent transformation. We continuously assess our processes in order to maintain our leadership within the industry and promote growth, without forgetting the pillars of our organization.

Compressor ASPERA NEK2168GK | NEK 2168 GK

Working range[stC] LBP-40 to -10
Nominal capacity [W]  (evaporating temperature -23,3C, Condensing temperatur +54,4C)688
Power supply220-240V 50Hz
Engine typeCSIR
Displacement [cm³]14,28
Weight [kg]11,6

Evaporating temperature +55 C 

Evaporating TemperatureCooling Capacity +/-5%Power Consumption +/-5%Current Consumption +/-5%Gas Flow Rate +/-5%Efficiency +/-7%
Refrigerant:R404A, R507

mbsm.pro , Compresseur Aspera , Embraco NEK2168GK , R404A , LBP ,3/4 HP

Compresseur hermetique de Aspera – Embraco NEK2168GK – R404A

3/4 HP

220-240V 50 Hz

Cylindrée =  14.3 CM3


Moteur type: CSR