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Product Description

Supplied with a capillary tube or expansion valve device, the Whirlpool Embraco Aspera 1/3HP, single phase hermetic reciprocating compressor is designed for refrigeration applications, offering quiet operation, reliable use and a compact design. This single phase model is supplied with the necessary electrical components.

Product Features

  • Single phase
  • Suitable for R134A refrigerant
  • High back pressure
Brand: Whirlpool
Connection: Tube
Connection Type: Tube
Model Number: NE6187Z
Range: Embraco Aspera
Range Name: Embraco Aspera
Range Type: Hermetic Compressors
Voltage (V): 220 to 240
Weight: 10.45 kg
Phase: 1
Refrigerant Suitability: R-134A
Horse Power: 1.3 HP
Expansion Device: C/V
Application Range: HBP – High Back Pressure
Displacement: 12.11
Starting Torque: High
Model Power Voltage
NE2134E 9/16HP 220-240V,50HZ
T2140E 3/4HP 220-240V,50HZ
T2155E 1HP 200-220V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
T2168E 1.25HP 200-220V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
NJ2190E 1.5HP 230V,50HZ
NB6152E 1/4HP 220-240V,50HZ
NB6165E 1/3HP 220-240V,50HZ
NE6210E 3/8HP 220-240V,50HZ
NE6211E 1/2HP 208-230V,60HZ
NE9213E 9/16HP 220-240V,50HZ
T6220E 3/4HP 200-220V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
NJ9226E 1HP 220-240V,50HZ
NJ9232E 1.5HP 200-220V,50HZ
NJ9238E 1.75HP 230V,50HZ
R134a M/HBP
EM65HHR 1/6HP+ 220V,50-60HZ
NE6170Z 1/3HP 200-240V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
NE6187Z 3/8HP 200-240V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
NEK6212Z 1/2HP 200-230V,50HZ/208-230V,60HZ
NEK6214Z 3/4HP- 220-240V,50HZ
T6215Z 3/4HP 200-240V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
R134a LBP
NE2130Z 1/2HP 200-220V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
NE2134Z 9/16HP 220-240V,50HZ
NEK2140Z 1/2HP 220-240V,50HZ
N81121Z 1/4HP 200-220V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
NE1130Z 1/3HP 200-220V,50HZ/230V,60HZ
FFI17.5HAK 1/4HP 220-240V,50-60HZ
FFI10HAK 1/3HP 220-230V,50-60HZ
FF8.5HBK 1/4HP 220-240V,50HZ
FFI12 HBK 1/3HP 220-240V,50HZ
Refrigerant R404a Low Back Pressure
NEK2125GK 7/16HP
NEK2134GK 1/2HP
NEK2150GK 1/2HP
NEK2168GK 1/2HP
T2155GK 3/4HP
T2168GK 3/4HP
T2178GK 1HP
NT2192GK 1HP
NJ2192GK 1.5HP
NJ2212GK 1.25HP
Refrigerant R404a Medium/High Back Pressure
NEK6210GK 1/2HP
NE9213GK 3/4HP
T6220GK 7/8HP
T6222GK 3/4HP
NJ9226GK 1HP
NJ9232GK 1.5HP
NJ9238GK 1.75HP