Mbsm.pro, Compressor, MX18TB, Cubigel, ACC, hermetic compressor, R404A / R507, 3/4 hp++, 7/8 hp++, 1hp, HMBP

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Product information “Compressor ACC – MX18TB, HMBP – R404A, 7/8HP, 220-240V/1/50Hz”
Compressor ACC Cubigel / Huayi – MX18TB, HMBP – R404A, 220-240/50Hz Injection: capillary tube / expansion valve Power: 7/8 HP Refrigerating capacity at -25 / +55°C: 1199 W, power consumption: 2157 W Max Ambient temperature: 43 ºC Displacement: 18.4 cm3 Engine type: CSR Start element: HST Voltage range: 187-264 V Starting current: 29.5 A Oil filling: 500 cm3 Oil type: ISO VG 46 ESTER Weight: 17.2 kg Connections: 9.7 x 6.5 mm Main winding resistance: 2.09 (25ºC) Ohm Winding resistance: 7.95 (25ºC) Ohm. cooling capacity measured for condensation temperature of: 50°C, measuring conditions: ASHRAE
COP: 1,78
Compressor type: Reciprocating piston
Condensation temperature: 50 °C
Condensing units Compressors: Compressor
Connection Size: Connection Size
Cooling capacity (W): 2157
Cooling capacity (W) at To -5°C: 2400
Cooling capacity (W) at To -25°C: 640
Cooling capacity (W) at To 5°C: 1663
Design: Design, Design
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 25,00 × 17,40 × 22,10 cm
Displacement (cm3): 18,4
Engine type: CSR
Info: Oil prefilled
Manufacturer: ACC, ACC Cubigel Huayi Electrolux ZEM
Max. Operating current (A): 6,28
Max. Starting current (A): 29,5
Measuring conditions: ASHRAE
Modellreihe: MX
Oil quantity (l): 0,5
Oil type: ISO VG 46 Ester
Power range (C): -25 C to +10 C
Power range (W): 2 – 3 kW
Power range (hp): 0-2
Power supply: 230 V
Pressure line (mm): 6,5
Rated power (hp): 0,9
Refrigerant: R404A, R404a, R507A
Scope of application: HMBP, MBP/HBP
Series: MX
Suction line (mm): 9,7
Suction side: 9.7 mm
To be used with: Capillary/Expansion
Typ / Serie: MX18TB
Voltage: 220-240V
cooling capacity (W) at To -10°C: 1350
cooling capacity (W) at To -15°C: 1076
cooling capacity (W) at To -20°C: 839
cooling capacity (W) at To 0°C: 2013
cooling capacity (W) at To 10°C: 2826