Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Cubigel/ACC, GLM12LA, R134A, 3/8 Hp, Lbp

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Cubigel GLM12LAa is a hermetic piston low-temperature refrigeration compressor. The refrigerant used is R134a, the working volume of the cylinder is 10.7 cm3. The kit includes: compressor, starting-protective fittings, rubber vibration mounts. Applications: Household refrigerators, bottle coolers, vending machines, ice cream freezers, beer and soft drink dispensers, ice makers, etc.

ASHRAE refrigeration capacity (Bp.= -23.3°C Tcond.= 55°C) – 273 W.
Cooling capacity CECOMAF (Bp.= -25.0°C Tcond.= 55°C) – 200 W.

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