Mbsm.pro, Compressor, coolant, Cubigel, R134a, GL18AA, 220-240V, 50Hz, 3/8 hp++, 1/2HP–

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Technical data

refrigerant R134a
Type GL18AA
Performance 1/2 CV
power consumption 1.390W
displacement 18,39cm³
Engine system CSIR
Application HMBP
Frequency 50Hz
ambient temperature max. 0.00 °C
Tension 220-240V
test procedure ASHRAE
Up to +10°C 2.068W
Down to -15°C 734W
Down to -20°C 553W
Down to -25°C 401W
Up to +5°C 1.744W
Down to 0°C 1.449W
Down to -5°C 1.182W
Down to -10°C 944W
Height 215 millimeters
Weight 16 kg