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Refrigerant: R134a
Power range(W): 0 – 100 W
Performance range (C): -30 C to +10 C
Working area: HBP MBP LBP
Design type: Hermetic
Model series: GD
Use with: Capillary
Power supply: 12-42 V
Oil type: ISO VG 22 Ester
Engine type: ECM
Article condition: New
Info: Oil filled
Shipping weight: 6,40 Kg
customs tariff number: 84143081
Cooling capacity condition: 1500 to 3500 rpm
Manufacturer: ACC Cubigel Huayi Electrolux ZEM
Model: GD30FDC
Stroke volume (cm3): 3
Cooling capacity (W): 32-74
Type: ECM
Compressor: Piston
Engine type: ECM
Oil quantity (l): 0,24
Compressor type: Piston
Cooling: Static / fan
RPM: 1500-3500
Power range: -30 C to +10 C


Problems : usp_custom_field : Compressor ACC Cubigel Huayi Electrolux ZEM GD30FDC, LBP-MBP-HBP-R134a, 12-42V, discharge volume 3 cm3, ECM type, oil type ISO VG 22 ester, oil volume 240 cm3, capillary, static cooling or fan, 5.4 kg , the statutory warranty period shall apply (24 months), Delivery time Info: with "immediately available" and "scarce stock", usually delivery within 2 days. For "currently not available" delivery time usually 2 weeks or delivery time in urgent cases contact us.