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F0 Error Gree Mini Split Air Conditioner
If your place has a Mini Split type of Air Conditioner, then the meaning of F0 Error would be the
low level of refrigerant.
If the refrigerant in your air conditioner is low, there can be many reasons.
It may happen that the refrigerant was charged less while installing the air conditioner.
If your air conditioner is old, then the possibility of leakage also increases.
Due to leaking in the unit, the gas pressure decreased. And we face an F0 malfunction.

Causes of Gree Mini Split AC F0 Error
. Sometimes technicians didn’t charge proper refrigerant in the AC unit while installation.
This is why we face F0 error when we start our air conditioner.
. The liquid valve is closed or not open properly.
. Have a leakage somewhere in the unit so the refrigerant level is low.
. Clogging in the pipeline.
F0 Error Code Gree Mini Split AC Troubleshooting
Make sure if the valves are completely open or not. if not, open both of the valves
Check the refrigerant stand pressure is normal according to the refrigerant type. refill
Check if the air conditioner unit has leakage somewhere. Repair the leakage and refill
the refrigerant.
Remove the refrigerant and flash the unit with Nitrogen pressure if the capillary and
filter are in choking condition