Mbsm.pro, Whirlpool, Compressor, Embraco , EMX70CLC, R600a, 1/5 hp, 182W, LBP, 220 – 240 V, 50 Hz


Compressor Embraco Aspera EMX70CLC, LBP – R600a, 220 – 240V/1/50Hz, 1/5 HP, discharge 11.14 cm3, motor type RSCR, lubricant type AB 5, lubricant charge 180 ml, LRA 6 A, 189 W at -23.3 / +54.4 °C, cooling: static, expansion device: capillary, weight 8.6 kg substitution for compressor NBM1116Y

Refrigerant: R600a
Power range(W): 101 – 200 W
Performance range (C): -30 C to -10 C
Working area: LBP
Design type: Hermetic
Model series: EMX
Use with: Capillary
Power range(HP): 0-2
Power supply: 230 V
Oil type: AB5
Engine type: RSCR
Article condition: New
Info: Oil filled
Shipping weight: 9,60 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 22,80 × 15,50 × 16,60 cm
customs tariff number: 84143081
Cooling capacity condition: T0 -25 C, Tk +55 C
Manufacturer: Embraco Aspera
Model: EMX70CLC
Stroke volume (cm3): 11,14
Performance condition: -23,3 / +54,4
Power (W): 189
Cooling capacity (W): 143
Power (HP): 0,25
Max. Starting current (A): 6
Engine type: RSCR
Note: Static cooling
Oil quantity (l): 0,18
Compressor type: Piston
Power range: -30 C to -10 C
Alternative: NBM1116Y , HPY14AA , HPY12AA , HTK12AA

Technical details
220V 50/60Hz
power 1/5L Hp – displacement 11.14 cc
gas R600a LBP

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