Compresor, Copeland, Hermetico, CRK3-0325-PFJ, 3.5 T, HCFC, R22, 50 Hz, 1 PH, 220/240 V, 3.25 hp, 40.600 BTU     

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Compresor Copeland Hermetico CRK3-0325-PFJ

Datos Técnicos

HCFC, R-22, 50 Hz, 1 -phase, 220/240 V

The Copeland CRK3-0325-PFJ is a 3.25 horsepower hermetic compressor. It is designed for use in refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The compressor has a voltage rating of 200-230V and a phase rating of 1PH. It has a cooling capacity of 40,600 BTU.
Here is a summary of the key specifications of the Copeland CRK3-0325-PFJ compressor:
Horsepower: 3.25 HP
Voltage: 200-230V
Phase: 1PH
Cooling capacity: 40,600 BTU
This compressor is a popular choice for a variety of applications, including:
Commercial refrigeration
Industrial air conditioning
Residential central air conditioning
Heat pumps

Air Conditioning


Evaporator Temp(ºF) 45.00  45.00

Condensing Temp(ºF)  130.00   100.00

Return Gas (ºF) 65    65

Liquid Temp (ºF)  115   85

Capacity (Btu/hr)  35200 46700

Power (W): 3450  2810

EER (Btu/Wh): 10.20  16.60

Mass Flow (Ibs/hr):  515   600

Current (Amps): 16.90   13.70

Sound Data

Sound Power (dBA): 72 Avg  77 Max

Vibration (mils(peak-peak)):   2.500 Avg    3.500 Max

Record Date: 2004-08-19

Overall Length (in): 9.44


Displ(in^3/Rev): 4.49

Displ(ft^3/hr): 452.06

Overall Width (in): 9.00

Overall Height (in): 15.06

Mounting Length (in): 7.50

Mounting Width (in): 7.50

Mounting Height (in): 15.44*

Suction Size (in): 3/4 Stub

Discharge Size (In): 3/8 Stub

Initial Oil Charge (oz): 55

Oil Recharge (oz): 51

Net Weight (ibs): 70.00

Internal Free Volume (in^3):  405.00

Horse Power: NA

*Overall compressor height on Copeland Brand Product´s specified mounting grommets.


LRA-High*: 96.0

LRA Low*: NA

LRA-Half Winding: NA

MCC (Amps): 27.5

Max Operating Current: 2900

RLA(=MCC/1.4;use for contactor selection):   19.

RLA(=MCC/1.56;use for breaker & wire size selection): 17.6


UL File No: SA-2337

UL File Date: 28-Dec-1984

*Low and High refer to the low and high nominal voltage ranges for which the motor is approved.


Type: Start Capacitor

Part No: 014-0008-65

Low MFD: 64.0

High MFD: 77.0

Volts: 330

User Description: LOW TORQUE

Type: Start Capacitor

Part No: 014-0008-71

Low MFD: 189.0

High MFD:  227.0

Volts: 220

User Description: HIGH TORQUE

Type: Run Capacitor

Part No: 014-0037-12

Low MFD: 40.0

High MFD: 0.0

Volts: 370

User Description: NA

Alternate Applications

Refrigerante: R-22 HCFC

Voltaje: 265

Fase: 1

Freq (Hz): 60

Aplicación: Air Conditioning

Refrigerante: R-22 HCFC

Voltaje: 265

Fase: 1

Freq (Hz): 60

Aplicación: High Temp

Refrigerante: R-22 HCFC

Voltaje: 220/240

Fase: 1

Freq (Hz): 50

Aplicación: High Temp

Compresor Copeland Hermetico CRK3-0325-PFJ