Mbsm.pro, Compressor, 1 1/8 HP, Hermetic, Piston, Tecumseh Compressor ,CAJ9513T, TAJ9513T, r404a / r22

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Mbsm.pro, Compressor, AJE4511YTZ , R134a, hbp, TAJ4511Y, R-12/R-409A, lbp, 1HP, 3hp, 400V U.H., CAJ4511A, 1ph, R-12, lbp, 220v

Product information “Tecumseh CAJ9513T compressor (POE), HBP – R22,220V/1Ph/60Hz – not available, replaced by successor”
This compressor is no longer available and has been replaced by the Tecumseh CAJ9513Z (POE), HBP – R404A, 220-240V/1/50Hz Tecumseh CAJ9513T is a HERMETIC compressor for high pressure (HBP)• engine type: CSR• displacement: 24.2 cc•.
Cooling capacity (W) at -5°C: 4202
Cooling capacity (W) at -10°C: 2256
Cooling capacity (W) at -15°C: 1785
Cooling capacity (W) at -20°C: 1381
Cooling capacity (W) at -25°C: 1032
Cooling capacity (W) at 0°C: 3452
Cooling capacity (W) at 5°C: 2808
Cooling capacity (W) at 10°C: 5069
Cooling capacity (W) at 15°C: 6066
Champ d’application: HBP
Measurement conditions: EN12900
Maker: Tecumseh
Condensing units Compressors: Compressor
Refrigerant: R22
Series: CAJ
Condensing temperature: 40 °C
Tension: 220-240V
Type of build: Alternative pistons