Mbsm.pro, Compressor , Air Conditioning, r22, Tecumseh, AGC5568EXG, AG144UT-001-J7, 5-1/2 HP, 4 ton, R-22, 56700 btu, HBP/AC, 460V 3ph 60Hz 380-420V

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The AGC5568EXG compressor has a capacity of 5.5 horsepower, which translates to approximately 4 tons of refrigeration. However, it’s important to note that the exact tonnage can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Evaporating temperature: The compressor’s capacity is typically rated at a specific evaporating temperature, usually around 45°F (7°C). If your application operates at a different temperature, the actual tonnage will be higher or lower.
  • Condensing temperature: The condensing temperature also affects the compressor’s capacity. Higher condensing temperatures will result in lower tonnage.
  • Refrigerant type: The AGC5568EXG is designed for use with R22 refrigerant, but it may also be compatible with other refrigerants. However, the capacity will vary depending on the specific refrigerant used.

Therefore, to get the most accurate estimate of the AGC5568EXG’s tonnage for your specific application, it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s technical data sheet or contact a qualified refrigeration technician. They can consider all the relevant factors and provide you with a more precise tonnage calculation.

Product Family

AG144UT-001-J7 compressor R22 460V 3ph 5-1/2 HP air conditioning

Product Description
Type Reciprocating
Application HBP/AC – Air Conditioning
Refrigerant R22
Voltage/Frequency 460V 3~ 60Hz 380-420V 3~ 50Hz
Product Specifications
Condition ASHRAE
Test Voltage 380V 3~ 50HZ
Refrigeration Capacity
Btu/h 56700
kcal/h 14288
W 16613
Input Power
W 5950
Btu/Wh 9.5300
kcal/Wh 2.4000
W/W 2.7900
Evaporator Temperature 7.2°C (45°F)
Condensing Temperature 54°C (130°F)
Ambient Temperature 35°C (95°F)
Return Gas Temperature 35°C (95°F)
Liquid Temperature 46°C (115°F)
Evaporating Temperature Range -23.3°C to 12.8°C (-10°F to 55°F)
Motor Torque Low Start Torque (LST)
Compressor Cooling Fan
Displacement (cc) 124.3190
Oil Type Synthetic Alkylate
Viscosity (cSt) 53
Oil Charge (cc) 1955
Sound Power dB(A) 0
Voltage Range (50 Hz) 342-462
Voltage Range (60 Hz) 414-506
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) 0
Rated Load Amps (RLA 60 Hz) 10.6000
Maximum Continuous Current (MCC in Amps) 16.6000
Motor Resistance (Ohm) – Main 0
Motor Resistance (Ohm) – Start 0
Motor Type 3PH
Overload Type N/A
Relay Type N/A
Agency Approval CSA Listed, UL Recognized

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AGC5568EXGAG144UT-001-J7 5 1/2 HP R-22Tecumseh Product Co.Call for Pricing0