Mbsm.pro, DAEWOO, Refrigerator-Freezer, 350 l, FR-3501, AC 220-240V, 0.8 a, 165 w, compressor, 1/5 hp, R-134a, 85g, HSL25YE-5, lbp, R-134a, 85g

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Daewoo FR-3501 refrigerator


  • Capacity: 350 liters (total), with 73 liters (freezer) and 204 liters (refrigerator)
  • Cooling system: Fan-forced convection
  • Defrost system: Automatic forced fin evaporator
  • Cold control: Adjustable dial
  • Dimensions: Width 667mm, Depth 625mm, Height 1677mm
  • Net weight: 60 kg

Additional details:

  • This model appears to be discontinued, but you might still find it used or refurbished.
  • Some online sellers offer spare parts for the FR-3501, such as the impeller for the compressor/condenser arc engine.
  • You can find a service manual for the FR-3501 online, which includes diagrams, specifications, and troubleshooting tips.