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Here is a table summarizing the types of compressors mentioned in the question:

Type of CompressorDescription
CSR (Capacitor Start, Relay)Uses a start capacitor and a relay to provide initial torque for starting the compressor motor
PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor)Uses a single capacitor to provide both start and run torque for the compressor motor
PSCR (Permanent Split Capacitor with Relay)Similar to a PSC compressor, but also uses a relay to provide additional starting torque when needed
CSCR (Capacitor Start, Capacitor Run)Uses two capacitors, one for starting and one for running the compressor motor
RSIR (Refrigerant-cooled, Semi-Hermetic, Internal Motor, Reciprocating)A semi-hermetic design with a motor and compressor enclosed in the same housing, commonly used in commercial refrigeration systems