Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Tecumseh, 1/2 hp, CAE9470Z, (POE), HBP, R404A, 220-240V/1/50Hz , replaced by AE4470Z

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This compressor has been replaced by the Tecumseh AE4470Z, HBP – R404A, 220-240V/50Hz supercharger/compressor Tecumseh CAE9470Z Ö ltyp (POE), HBP – R404A, Voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz, Starting current LRA 20A, Motor type CSR, Cap. Connections OD: 3/8“ x 1/4“ m measured for condensation temperature 54,5° C, suction gas temperature 46° C, measuring conditions: CECOMAF

Compressor type:Reciprocating piston
Condensation temperature:54.5 °C
Condensing units Compressors:Compressor
Connection Size:Connection Size
Content:1,00 pcs.
Cooling capacity (W):803
Cooling capacity (W) at To -5°C:1663
Cooling capacity (W) at To -25°C:383
Cooling capacity (W) at To 5°C:1109
Design:Design, Hermetic
Dimensions ( height ):21,50 cm
Displacement (cm3):13,3
Engine type:CSR
Info:Oil prefilled
Manufacturer:Tecumseh, Tecumseh L` Unite
Measuring conditions:CECOMAF
Oil quantity (l):0,35
Oil type:POE
Power (W):1637
Power condition:+5 / +50 °C
Power range (C):-25 C to +15 C
Power range (W):701 – 1000 W 1.5 – 2 kW
Power supply:230 V
Pressure line (inch):1/4
Refrigerant:R404A, R407B, R507A
Scope of application:HBP
Suction line (inch):3/8
Suction side:3/8″
To be used with:Capillary/Expansion
cooling capacity (W) at To -10°C:869
cooling capacity (W) at To -15°C:669
cooling capacity (W) at To -20°C:508
cooling capacity (W) at To 0°C:1392
cooling capacity (W) at To 15°C:2514