Mbsm.pro, LG, MA88LJJP, 1/3 hp, Refrigerator, Compressor, (410-450 litre), lbp, 235 (kcal/h), 273W, 933 (Btu/h), 0.367HP, input power 220w


Downlad pdf https://www.mbsm.pro/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Mbsm_dot_pro_private_PDF_nd52labm.pdf

Application Deep FreezerMA88LJJP
Fridge Compressor – Capacity410 – 450 liters
Cooling Capacity235 (kcal/h), 273W, 933 (Btu/h), 0.367HP
Input Power227W
COP W/W1.2
EER Btu/Wh4.11
Motor typeCSIR-Relay
Starting Device (PTC)QL2-5-55
Motor Protector (OLP)4TM314TFB
(Capacitor) Starting/Surge Voltage50 / 275
(OIL) Viscosity cst/ Qty(cc)22/220
Cooling typeFC
Compressor Height177mm
Net Weight9.3 kg.
Installation GuidelinesInstallation is Chargeable as per standard guidelines of the respective brand
Product DescriptionLG refrigerator Compressor is a common mini air compressor, that offers a comprehensive cooling solution for refrigerators and storage cabinets for home and business use. LG Air Compressors for refrigerator is compact, quiet operation, with the highest torque (HST). This air compressor guarantee 6s-quality and has been proven reliability across the globe.
LBP Low Back PressureThese LG compressor models are used to work in low evaporating temperature ranges , these are suitable for commercial refrigeration , deep freezers and house hold refrigerators as well.