Mbsm.pro, Kiriazi Refrigerator, 14 Feet, Classic, ,330 Liter, Defrost, KR350/2, KR350, R134a, 160g, Compressor, 1/4 hp, Lbp


Number of doors: 2
Capacity in liters: 350 liters
External dimensions: Width: 62 cm
Depth: 63 cm
Height: 164.5 cm

Higher efficiency and less electricity consumption (B)

Freezer capacity in liters 82
Freezer cooling 
*** *
The body of the refrigerator is made of iron and chemically treated against rust according to international specifications
Shelves made of unbreakable crystal material.
Motor capacity in watts according to standard specifications and (ASHRAE) = 185
Electric power source 220 volts , 50 Hz +/- 10%
Monthly electrical energy consumption 57.7 kWh
Shelves with adjustable heights
Storage capability for refrigerator door shelves including butter and eggs preservation
Motor works at continental temperatures The
insulation of the refrigerator is thick to maintain the temperature