Mbsm.pro, compressor, Hermetic, Tecumseh, 2 HP, Tecumseh Refrigeration Compressor, Fh4524f, r22, MHBP, ++big


Size and Dimensions

Connection Size (Liquid)1/2″ Valve
Connection Size (Suction)5/8″ Valve

Inclusions and Exclusions

InclusionsAnti-Vibration mounts supplied
Crankcase Heater
Oil Sight Glass
Suction and Discharge Rotalock Valves


Anti-Vibration mounts supplied
Charged with mineral oil and dry nitrogen
Crankcase heater on FH/TFH and TAG models
Oil sight glass on FH/TFH and TAG models
Fan cooling required on all models
All models suit capillary tube or expansion valve operation
Rotalock suction and discharge valves on FH/TFH and TAG models
Model NumberFH4524F
Compressor ModelFH4524F
Product RangeFH Series

Technical Information

General Information

Refrigerant TypeR417A, R422B
Motor TypeCSR
Compressor Horsepower2 HP
Compressor Displacement43.5 cm3/rev
Oil Charge1330 ml
SpecificationsCapacity Rating Basis: 35 deg C Ambient, 11K Return Gas Superheat, 54.5 deg C Condensing, 46 deg C Liquid entering Expansion Valve. Current FLA are given at nominal voltage, rated conditions and 7.2 deg C evaporating temperature.

Power Information

Compressor Phase1
Compressor Electrical Supply240V
Compressor Hertz50Hz
Compressor MOC15.9 A
Power Supply240V

R22 Capacity Data

-15 Deg C1841 W
-10 Deg C2456 W
-5 Deg C3219 W
0 Deg C4131 W
15 Deg C7759 W