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Product Description

Test Conditions
Evap. Temp.: -23.3º C
Cond. Temp.: 54.4º C
Amb. Temp.: 32.2º C
Suction. Temp.: 32.2º C
Subcooling Temp.: 32.2º C

Model: QD91H
Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz
Displacement (cm³ ): 9.1
Cooling Capacity (W): 208
Rated Power (W): 183
Nominal power (HP): 1/4
COP (W/W): 1.13
Rated Current (A): 1.55
Motor Type: RSIR
Capacitor (μ F): /
Starting Relay: Applying Relay
Cooling Type: S
Packing (PCS/pallet): 100
1× 20’FCL (PCS): 2000

1. Small size,
2. High efficiency & reliability
3. Reliable starting performance
4. Low sound & vibration

LBP, used for drinking fountain, refrigerator, freezer, liquor cabinet, ice-making machine and other medium and small sized refrigeration machines.

1. use R134a refrigerant
2. 220V/50-60Hz,applicated LBP
3. used for display cabinets and other medium-sized,large refrigeration equipment
4. with CCC/CE certification

220V/50-60HZ Compressors: WS Series are in fully enclosed crank and connecting rod structure and with reciprocating piston in the semi-direct suction mode

The main feature: good startup performance,low noise and good reliability

Wansheng R134a low back pressure(LBP) compressorTest ConditionsEvap. Temp.: -23.3°CCond. Temp.: 54.4°C
Amb. Temp.: 32.2°CSuction. Temp.: 32.2°C
Subcooling Temp.: 32.2°CLBP ASHRAE
ModelDisplacement (cm³)             Cooling Capacity  (W)         Rated Power   (W)        Nominal power     (HP)  COP  (W/W)Motor TypeCapacitor (μF)Starting RelayCooling Type
WS series    220V/50Hz