Electrolux Professional Compressor, R404a/R507, MX18FB, 220-240V, 50Hz, 17,3kg, 5/8HP, 571W, MX18 FB, CUBIGEL, LBP, HERMETIC COMPRESSOR, Zanussi ALF1103 Fridge



MX18FB Cubigel ACC hermetic compressor  

  • 230V-50 Hz.
  • LBP.
  • power: 5/8 HP.
  • height: 221 mm.
  • suction connection: 3/8 “.
  • connection press: 5/16 “.
  • displacement cm³: 18.40.
  • gas type: R404A/R507.
  • SA = soldering connection
  • With the most extended models and 3 levels of efficiency – Standard, High and Very High – using the optional run capacitor concept.
  • The Cubigel range offers a solution for all cooling applications.
  • The P models are High back pressure compressors for R404A
  • Like refrigerators, freezers, bottle coolers, can coolers, ice cream freezers, vending machines, beer dispensers, soft drink dispensers and ice makers.
  • The most complete range of Cubigel compressors and Cubigel condensing units for every type of commercial application.
  • Cubigel is part of Huayi Compressor Co. Ltd. group in Barcelona, and specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling hermetic compressors and condensing units for the light commercial refrigeration market.
  • The Cubigel company focuses on a product innovation strategy based on a strong R&D team, enhanced know-how and more than 50 years of experience providing a broad range of solutions to the commercial refrigeration industry.