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Refrigerator Compressor mainly has the following three components: box, refrigeration system and control system. The most critical of these is the refrigeration system.

Specific process–After the power is turned on, the compressor works, and the low-pressure and low-temperature gaseous refrigerant that has absorbed heat in the evaporator is sucked in. After being compressed, the temperature is 55°C-58°C and the high pressure steam, enter the condenser. Due to throttling of the capillary, the pressure is drastically reduced. Since the pressure in the evaporator is lower than the pressure in the condenser, the liquid refrigerant boils and evaporates immediately, and the heat in the absorption box becomes low pressure and low temperature vapor. It is again inhaled by the compressor.

   With this constant circulation, the internal heat of the refrigerator is continuously transferred to the outside of the box.

    Compressor (compression)—condenser (heat dissipation)—capillary (throttle)—evaporator (cold cooling)

                                  Refrigerator Compressor  Model   E1121CZA
ApplicationRefrigerator/ Freezer(320L~480L)Power3/8 HP
Voltage220V~240V/50HZPumping capacity8.8 Cm3
Cooling capacity270 W COP1.25W/W

E1134CZA R134A 1/2HP Refrigerator Compressor