3/4HP (+Big, Cappacitor 10µF), CSR, Danfos , secop refrigerator freezer, r134a, compressor, SC21G , 104G8140 , 230 V 60Hz ,LBP / HBP, 21.8 A


Refrigerants: R134a

Gross weight13.77 Kg
Net weight13.77 Kg
Height total [mm]219 mm
Auxiliary winding resistance (start winding) for single-phase compressors [Ohm]12.9 Ohm
Amount of oil600 cm3
Ability of the capacitor To10 µF
Capacity of capacitor B80 uF
Capacity controlFixed speed
Refrigerant charge [kg] [Max]1.3 kg
Comments on the suction connectionCover of The
Comments on the discharge connectionCover of The
Comments on the process connectionCover of The
Current connection HST [A]22.1
Configuration codeIndividual
Discharge connection height [mm]110 mm
Diameter of the suction connection [mm]10.2 mm
Diameter discharge connection [mm]6.2 mm
Packaging formatIndustrial package
Frequency [Hz]50/60
Height from baseplate [mm]213 mm
LRA HST [A]22.1
Material of the discharge connectionSteel-plated Cu
Material of the process connectionSteel-plated Cu
Merged Approval standard andCCC
CE en 60335-2-34 with Annex AA
N. º of phases (compressor)One
N. º of phases (fan)One
Energy level of the applicationCompressor universal
Number of schemeEight thousand two hundred fifty seven
Model numberSC21G
Oil charge [L]600 L
Process connection diameter [mm]6.2 mm
Resistance of the primary winding for compressors in single-phase [Ohm]3.5 Ohm
RLA3.9 To
Run capacitor capacitance10 µF
Start capacitor capacitance80 µF
Suction connection height [mm]193 mm
Swept volume [cm3]20.95 cm3
Temperature of the winding, the short-term [°C] [Max]135 °C
Winding temperature, stable [°C] [Max]125 °C
Voltage 60 Hz [V] [max.]240 V
Voltage, 50 Hz [V]220 V
Voltage, 50 Hz [V] [max.]240 V
Voltage, 60 Hz [V]220 V
Engine typeCSR
Type of motherboardUniversal
Type designationCompressor
Technique of the brandReciprocating compressors, type
Units of packingEighty
Use of segmentRefrigeration LT
Refrigeration MT
High value of nominal voltage at 50 Hz [V]230 V
High value of the nominal voltage at 60 Hz [V]230 V
High value of voltage range at 50hz [V]254 V
High value of the voltage range at 60 Hz [V]254 V
Low value of the rated voltage at 50 Hz [V]208 V
Low value of the nominal voltage at 60 Hz [V]220 V
Low value of voltage range at 50hz [V]187 V
Low value of the voltage range at 60 Hz [V]198 V
Rotation speed at 50 Hz [rpm]2900 rpm
Rotation speed at 60 Hz [rpm]3500 rpm
Volume of free gas [cm3]1460 cm3
Angle of the connection suction [°]37 °
Angle of the discharge connection [°]37 °
Angle of the connection process37 °

Compressor Danfoss Secop SC21G, SC21GX, 104G8143, LBP / HBP – R134a, 220-240V/1/50/60/ Hz, discharge 20.95 cm3, motor type CSR, oil type POE, oil charge 550 cm3, 333 W at -25 / 55° C, LRA 21.8 A, maximum refrigerant charge 1300 g, height: 219 mm, weight 13.5 kg

Power range(W):301 – 400 W 501 – 700 W
Performance range (C):-35 C to +15 C
Working area:HBP LBP
Design type:Hermetic
Model series:SC
Power supply:230 V
Oil type:POE
Engine type:CSR
Article condition:New
Info:Oil filled
Shipping weight:15,50 Kg
Contents:1,00 Pieces
Dimensions ( height ):21,90 cm
Cooling capacity condition:T0 -15 C
Manufacturer:Danfoss Secop
Modellname 3:SC21GX
Stroke volume (cm3):20,95
Performance condition:-25 / +55 °C
Power (W):333
Cooling capacity (W):606
Max. Starting current (A):21,8
Engine type:CSR
Note:Maximum refrigerant amount 1300 g
Oil quantity (l):0,55
Compressor type:Piston
Power range:-35 C to +15 C