www.mbsm.pro , Original New, ASD53K, Original New 1/6HP, R134a, LBP, Wanbao, Refrigerator, compressor, China, R134A, 220V/50Hz, 1PH, 144W, Huaguang, Refrigerator Reciprocating

www.mbsm.pro , Original New, ASD53K, Original New 1/6HP, R134a, LBP, Wanbao, Refrigerator, compressor,China, R134A, 220V/50Hz, 1PH, 144W, Huaguang, Refrigerator Reciprocating


Wanbao Group Compressor Co.,Ltd ( Formerly known as Guangzhou Refrigeration Company Ltd, hereinafter referred as The Co.), started its production in 1987, is the first manufacturer to infroduce foreign technology and equipment for large-scale production of refrigerator compressor in China. In 2014, The Co. acquired the overseas refrigerator compressor manufacturer-Italy ACC, and then founded Italian Wanbao-ACC Co., Ltd. This action upgrades Wanbao compressor from market internationlization towards manufacturing internationalization, and lays solid foundation to brand internationalization for the next step.

The Co. has four production bases in Guangzhou, Qingdao, Hefei, and Italy, with annual production capacity of 26 million units, thus forged a strategic global layout covering both domestic and foreign major customers. Wanbao China  mainl supplies to large domestic refrigerator manufacturers including Haier, Hisense, Midea, Meiling, etc, as well as international famous home appliance manufacturers including Electrolux Whirlpool, etc., as their global supplier. Wanbao-ACC Italy is a major supplier of European high-end brand home appliance manufacturers.

ModelRefrigerantVoltageCooling Capacity (w)ApplicationCOP(w/w)
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  • mbsm-dot-pro-wwwmbsmpro--original-new-asd53k-original-new-16hp-r134a-lbp-wanbao-refrigerator-compressor-china-r134a-220v50hz-1ph-144w-huaguang-refrigerator-reciprocating

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