Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Secop, FR7.5G, 103G 6680, 174 w, lbp/hbp, 1/5 hp, r134a

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Cool your catering equipment efficiently with the SECOP-DANFOSS FR7.5G compressor. This fully hermetic compressor with an output of 1/5 HP and a power consumption of 175 W offers reliable cooling for refrigerators and refrigerated counters.

The FR7.5G compressor works with the refrigerant R134a and has a displacement of 6.93 cm³. With a design that ensures a complete seal, it ensures effective cooling and optimal performance. The compressor is suitable for use at medium evaporating temperatures (HMBP).

With a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 220-240 V, the compressor works reliably and efficiently. It offers a variety of power ratings depending on temperature conditions, including 254W at -10°C, 325W at -5°C, 408W at 0°C, 505W at +5°C, 62W at -30°C , 99 W at -25°C, 142 W at -20°C, 193 W at -15°C and 618 W at +10°C. ASHRAE testing ensures reliable performance.

The SECOP-DANFOSS FR7.5G compressor is compatible with a wide range of catering equipment, including refrigerators and refrigerated counters from various manufacturers such as Coreco, Universal Part and Whirlpool. Order this powerful compressor now and optimize the cooling performance of your devices.

– Refrigerant: R134a

– Type: FR7.5G

– Power: 1/5 HP

– Power consumption: 175W

– Displacement: 6.93 cm³

– Motorsystem: RSIR/CSIR

– Voltage: 220-240V

– Design: fully hermetic

– Power at -10°C: 254 W

– Power at -5°C: 325 W

– Power at 0°C: 408 W

– Power at +5°C: 505 W

– Power at -30°C: 62 W

– Power at -25°C: 99 W

– Power at -20°C: 142 W

– Power at -15°C: 193 W

– Power at +10°C: 618 W

– Test procedure: ASHRAE

– Application: HMBP

– Frequency: 50Hz

– Weight: 10.6kg