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Medium and High Back Pressure Compressors, M/HBP, RSIR, TECUMSEH, 1/5++ HP, R134a, 160g, TWB1374YGS, TW146GY, 220v/50-60, kiriazi defrost, 340L, k350, k350/1, Embraco, ff17.5hak, tw146-gy-486, twb1374ygs

LG rotary, compressor, model, QJS222PMA, 12700BTU 5.6Amps, EER = 10.7, air conditioner

PH360G2C-4FTS1, 22000BTU, GMCC, Compressor rotary, air conditioner, R22, refrigeration compressor , 50HZ 220V / 240V

Pressure and boiling Temperature list, standing, Refrigerant, suction, discharge

no frost, egl99aa zmc refrigerator, DF40, silver, ideal, zanussi, IDEAL ZANUSSI, EGL99AA ZMC, DF 40 Elgance, Compressor, ACC Cubigel, Huayi, Electrolux, ZEM GL99AA, GL99AA, LBP , R134a, 220-240V/1/50Hz, 1/4 HP, discharge 9.93 cm3, motor type RSIR, LRA 14.4A

Tecumseh, Copeland, Compressor, Cross, Reference, P12FW, Compressor, R-12, 1/3HP, 230V, HMBP, ACC-ELECTROLUX, CUBIGEL/HUAYI

Types of Electrical Motors, RSIR, CSIR, RSCR, CSR, PTC, NTC, LST, HST, MBP, HBP, LBP

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Compressor Embraco Aspera NEK6210GK, MBP – R404A, R507, 220 – 240V/1/50Hz, 1/2 HP, discharge 8.77 cm3, motor type CSIR, lubricant type POE 22, lubricant charge 350 ml.1318 W at +7.2 / +54.4 °, expansion device: capillary or valve, cooling: fan cooling, weight 11 kg

Specification for r-22 Compressor, Ph Rotary Models Specification, PH41VPJT, 2 Ton, Mitsubishi Rotary Compressor, 24000BTu