Mbsm.pro, Compressor , Air Conditioning, r22, Tecumseh, AGC5568EXG, AG144UT-001-J7, 5-1/2 HP, 4 ton, R-22, 56700 btu, HBP/AC, 460V 3ph 60Hz 380-420V

The AGC5568EXG compressor has a capacity of 5.5 horsepower, which translates to approximately 4 tons of refrigeration. However, it’s important to note that the exact tonnage can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Evaporating temperature: The compressor’s capacity is typically rated at a specific evaporating temperature, usually around 45°F (7°C). If your application operates at a different temperature, the actual tonnage will be higher or lower.
  • Condensing temperature: The condensing temperature also affects the compressor’s capacity. Higher condensing temperatures will result in lower tonnage.
  • Refrigerant type: The AGC5568EXG is designed for use with R22 refrigerant, but it may also be compatible with other refrigerants. However, the capacity will vary depending on the specific refrigerant used.

Therefore, to get the most accurate estimate of the AGC5568EXG’s tonnage for your specific application, it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s technical data sheet or contact a qualified refrigeration technician. They can consider all the relevant factors and provide you with a more precise tonnage calculation.

Product Family

AG144UT-001-J7 compressor R22 460V 3ph 5-1/2 HP air conditioning

Product Description
Type Reciprocating
Application HBP/AC – Air Conditioning
Refrigerant R22
Voltage/Frequency 460V 3~ 60Hz 380-420V 3~ 50Hz
Product Specifications
Condition ASHRAE
Test Voltage 380V 3~ 50HZ
Refrigeration Capacity
Btu/h 56700
kcal/h 14288
W 16613
Input Power
W 5950
Btu/Wh 9.5300
kcal/Wh 2.4000
W/W 2.7900
Evaporator Temperature 7.2°C (45°F)
Condensing Temperature 54°C (130°F)
Ambient Temperature 35°C (95°F)
Return Gas Temperature 35°C (95°F)
Liquid Temperature 46°C (115°F)
Evaporating Temperature Range -23.3°C to 12.8°C (-10°F to 55°F)
Motor Torque Low Start Torque (LST)
Compressor Cooling Fan
Displacement (cc) 124.3190
Oil Type Synthetic Alkylate
Viscosity (cSt) 53
Oil Charge (cc) 1955
Sound Power dB(A) 0
Voltage Range (50 Hz) 342-462
Voltage Range (60 Hz) 414-506
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) 0
Rated Load Amps (RLA 60 Hz) 10.6000
Maximum Continuous Current (MCC in Amps) 16.6000
Motor Resistance (Ohm) – Main 0
Motor Resistance (Ohm) – Start 0
Motor Type 3PH
Overload Type N/A
Relay Type N/A
Agency Approval CSA Listed, UL Recognized

Product Family

Model Number Decription Manufacturer Price Avail. Qty  
AGC5568EXG AG144UT-001-J7 5 1/2 HP R-22 Tecumseh Product Co. Call for Pricing 0

Mbsm.pro, compressor, ZR57KE-TFD, 4.8 hp, 13.900 w, 47500 btu, r22, emerson, copeland, scroll, ZR Series, 380-420Ѵ/50Н2, 3 Ph

Mbsm.pro, AC Compressor, 2 Ton, 208-230v, Bristol, H21J20BABC, H22B203ABC, H21J193ABC, r22, Capacitor 30 uf

AC Compressor 2 Ton 208-230v Fits Bristol H21J20BABC H22B203ABC H21J193ABC

This is a 2 Ton 208/220 Volts 1-Phase Direct Factory Replacement Copeland Scroll Compressor. The Copeland Model # is CR20K6-PFV-875. It is rated at 20,000 BTU. It is designed to replace the obsolete part numbers listed in the title. In some instances, small piping changes may be required. Thanks for looking and good luck!


Tonnage: 1.5-2
Volts 60 Hz 208/230-1.
Phase 1.
Refrigerant Type R-22.
Line Connection Suction ID (In) 3/4
Line Connection Discharge ID (In) 3/8
Base Mounting Centers (In) 7 1/2 x 7 1/2.
Application OEM A/C Equipments.
Includes Crankcase Heater.

The Required Run Capacitor is 30 uf 370 volt. Most condensing unit capacitors are dual capacitors, meaning they operate the compressor and the fan. To purchase the correct capacitor you will need to know the uf rating on the fan.

Start Capacitor rating, if needed, is 145-174 250 Volt

To install a Compressor PROPERLY you need to have AND use the proper equipment and use proper installation technique. If you are not familiar with these techniques or you do not have the proper equipment then you SHOULD have a qualified HVAC tech to install your new compressor. All Sales are Final! There are NO WARRANTIES! Compressors Should be installed by a qualified Heating Air Conditioning Tech.

Mbsm.pro, air conditioner, 42khrt24, 24000 btu, 2 t, 3 hp, r22

42khrt24 appears to be the indoor unit model number for a Carrier air conditioner system. Here’s what I can tell you about it:


  • Cooling capacity: 23,000 BTU/hr
  • Dehumidification rate: 2.6 liters/hour
  • Airflow rate: 560/590/620 cubic meters per hour (low/medium/high)
  • Sound pressure level: 42/45/48 dB(A) (low/medium/high)
  • Dimensions: 1030 x 313 x 221 mm (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 17 kg


  • Split-type air conditioner
  • Carrier Optimax series
  • Wall-mounted unit
  • Remote control
  • Sleep mode
  • Turbo mode
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Refrigerant type: R22

Additional information:

  • 42khrt24 is typically paired with the outdoor unit model 38khrt24.
  • This air conditioner system is designed for cooling rooms up to approximately 70 square meters (750 square feet).
  • It is available in some regions, but not all.

Mbsm.pro, Compressor, LHT53VBAC, 32000 btu, 2.5 ton, 3.5 hp, Mitsubishi Compressor, rotary compressor

The LHT53VBAC is a rotary compressor also used in air conditioners. It is a 32,000 BTU compressor that operates on 220-240 volts and 50 hertz. It is manufactured by Mitsubishi, a Japanese company that is well-known for its high-quality air conditioners and other appliances.

LHT53VBAC rotary compressor

Like the 55R613G T-9ASM, the LHT53VBAC is also a hermetic motor compressor. It uses R22 refrigerant, but Mitsubishi also offers compressors that use R410A refrigerant.

The LHT53VBAC is a more powerful compressor than the 55R613G T-9ASM, and it is therefore better suited for larger air conditioners. It is also a more expensive compressor.

Here is a table that compares the two compressors:

Feature 55R613G T-9ASM LHT53VBAC
BTU 12,000 32,000
Volts 220 220-240
Hertz 50 50
Refrigerant R22 R22
Manufacturer KTN Mitsubishi
Price Less expensive More expensive

Mbsm.pro, Compressor, 55R613G T-9ASM, 12000 btu, r22, 1 Ton, 1.5 hp, Air conditioner, 220 v 1ph

The 55R613G T-9ASM is a rotary compressor used in air conditioners. It is a 12,000 BTU compressor that operates on 220 volts and 50 hertz. It is manufactured by KTN, a Chinese company that has been in the air conditioning and refrigeration business for over 15 years.

The 55R613G T-9ASM is a hermetic motor compressor, which means that the motor and compressor are sealed in a single unit. This design helps to protect the compressor from the elements and makes it more energy efficient.

The compressor uses R22 refrigerant, which is a common refrigerant used in air conditioners. However, R22 is being phased out in many countries due to its environmental impact. KTN also offers compressors that use R410A refrigerant, which is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant.

The 55R613G T-9ASM is a widely used compressor that can be found in a variety of air conditioners. It is a reliable and efficient compressor that is a good choice for many applications.

Mbsm.pro, Bristol, Compressor, H24B17QABJA, 17000 btu, 1.5 hp, r22, Capillary Size (0.060), Capillary Length 33″

Series H24B Series
Refrigeration Application High Temperature
Type of Refrigerant R22
Generation Basic Standard Model-Improved Sound
Family Model B Reciprocating
Nominal Capacity (BTU/Hr) 17,000 BTU/Hr.”Quiet”
Motor Type PSC Permanent Split Capacitor
Motor Protector Internal Line Break
Electrical Characteristics 230/208-1-50
Mounting Feet Dimension (Inches) 7.5 x 7.5
@45/130 @45/100
Capacity Motor Input WATTS EER/COp Capacity Motor Input WATTS EER
16550 4856 2010 8.2 2.4 22494 1676 13.4
Electrical Data Displacement
9.8 45 14.7 1.98 32.43

Mbsm.pro, compressor, Sanyo, Rotary, Split system air conditioner, Compressors, C-R221H5S, S6231526791, 24000 btu, R22, 3 hp, 2 ton

Compressor Type Refrigerant Type Typical HP Range
Scroll R-410A 1.5 – 2.5 HP
Reciprocating R-410A 2 – 3 HP
Rotary R-22 2.5 – 3.5 HP

drive_spreadsheetExport to Sheets

Power supply Ph-V-Hz 220-240V/50HZ
Cooling Capacity BTU 24000
Capacity  tolerance %
Input W 3100 3500
Rated current A 15 17
 EER 2,30 1,7
Heating Capacity BTU 24000
Capacity  tolerance %
 Input W 2900
Rated current A 14
COP 2,6
Max. input consumption W 4500
Max. current A 23
Starting current A 74
Compressor Model C-R221H5S
Type Rotary
Indoor unit Indoor fan motor Model GAL8P60A-KND
Output Power W 60
Capacitor uF 4
Speed  (Hi/Mi/Lo) r/min 600/550/420
Indoor coil a.Number of row 2
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 1000
Rated input Power(cooling/heating) W 140
Rated current  (cooling/heating) A 0,6
Moisture Removal (L/h) 3,2 0,8
Noise level(Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 48/43
Unit dimension (W*H*D) mm 480x1680x255
Packing (W*H*D) mm 1795x585x345
Net weight Kg 37
Gross weight Kg 46
Outdoor unit  Outdoor fan motor Model GAL075H61225-K01/  YDK-075S62520-06 GAL075H61225-K01/ YDK-075S62520-06
Output Power W 75 75
Capacitor uF 4.0 4.0
Speed r/min 830±30 830±30
Outdoor coil a.Number of row 2
Noise level dB(A) 57
Unit dimension (W*H*D) mm 845x680x310
Packing   (W*H*D) mm 1010x765x430
Net weight Kg 51
Gross weight Kg 56
Refrigerant type R22
Refrigerant charge g 2130
Design pressure MPa 2,8
Refrigerant pipe Liquid side mm 9,52
Gas side mm 15,88
Max. refrigerant pipe length m 15
Max. difference in level m 8
Operation temperature range -7~51
Ambient temperature range -8~53
Application area m2 22~43
Qty’per 20’& 40’&40HQ Set 42/88/95

Mbsm.pro, Flow Control

In some air conditioning units, we have started to notice that instead of bringing a capillary tube, they bring this type of flow control valve. 
The following table shows  which flow control should be    used in R-22, R-410A and R-422D air conditioners and which vent on them according to what capacity the air conditioning equipment should be.
This type of valve has become very popular when it comes to replacing capillary tubes . It is used to modify the air conditioning system and replace capillary tubes  using the Flow Control expansion system .

Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Lennox, 1/3HP, QD120, 1/4HP, QD 90, 1/5HP, QD 70 , 1/6HP, QD 59

Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Lennox, 1/3HP, QD120, 1/4HP, QD 90, 1/5HP, QD 70 , 1/6HP, QD 59