Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Zem, EGM66Af, 1/6 Hp , 127 W


Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Zem, EGM66Af, 1/6 Hp , 127 W

Mbsm.pro, pdf, How can this compressor be connected and operated directly without the Waverwood relay… How to connect simply?

Mbsm.pro, Bristol, Compressor, H24B22QABJC, 21800 btu/h, H24BQ SERIES, 6397 W, 230 v, 1 Phase, lra 52 A, Compressors, Chillers & Condensers, high temperature, R22, basic model, model B, PSC capacitor, line break internal, capillarie, 0.64/80 cm, 0.70/100 cm

Mbsm.pro, Congélateur GN-bd(w)-370, Gean Electronique, Made in Chine, T classe, 370 L, Compressor, 1/4 Hp, R134A, 105 G, 1.3 A, 220 V, Freezer horizontal, Filtre 20 G, Capilaire 0.036, 2 M, Thermostat mecanique

Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Files, Pdf, Panasonic compressor, R134a, D-Series, Low Back Pressure

Mbsm.pro, Compressor, Files, Pdf, Panasonic compressor, R134a, D-Series, Low Back Pressure

QA77C17GAX5, 7.7, 220V 50Hz, RSIR, 176 w, 1/5 Hp, LBP

Mbsm.pro, SWZ12, 000DK02D, 2eDM02000, Intercold, Freezer, swz1/170, 222 w, 230v, Compressor, 1/4 hp, R134a, 210 G, 290 L, Intercold horizontal freezers for frozen

Mbsm.pro, compressor, TS33vdec, air conditioner, Mitsubishi Hermetic, Refrigeration, Rotary Compressor, Model Ts33vdec, 1 Hp, 10098 btu/h, 945 w, R410A

Hp 1 Hp
Refrigerant: R410A
Displacement: 36 Cm3/Rev
Capacity: 10098BTU/H
Power Input: 945W

Mbsm.pro, Pdf, Is it useful to fill gas r22 in place of r410

هل ينفع تعبئة غاز 22 مكان ال410

Est-il utile de remplir de gaz 22 à la place de 410

Is it useful to fill gas 22 in place of 410

Simple information translated from the global site


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Is it useful to fill gas 22 in place of 410

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The difference between gas 22 and gas 410 gas 410 is one of the types of gases that are environmentally friendly and does not harm the ozone layer and the lowest percentage of air pollution and its consumption is less than gas 22. Gas 22 is harmful to the environment and increases the pollution rate in the air and harms the ozone layer.. Banned by the Environmental Council

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The difference in pressure

———— — ———————————– –

R22 = 4 Bar = 60 Pci

R410 A = 8 Bar = 117 Pci


The difference in shipping method


 Gas 22. Charging is carried out either in the bottle standing or inverted because it represents one gas and there is no problem in all cases . Charging will be done successfully if the scale is used, the ampere is adjusted and the cleaning is good.

 In the event of a major shortage in the air conditioner, the missing quantity can be added directly, taking into account the air discharge in the charging coil

 – Gas 410, the bottle is charged upside down only, with the balance, and with adjusting the amp and taking into account complete hygiene

In the event of a major shortage in the air conditioner, it must be completely unloaded, withdrawn, and fully recharged after repairing the leak with the use of a special charging coil for 410 gas.

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Disadvantages of changing gas from 410 to 22

——————– —————— ———— —–

First, it is not correct to change the gas of 22 to 410, nor vice versa. In the event of a change, some things will happen .

A  lack of cold .

Large thermal leakage affecting the compressor due to the sudden change of pressures .

Damage to the compressor and deterioration of its life span .

 Damage to the start – up capacitor with the change of ampere .

Excessive consumption of electricity with the change in the sound of the air conditioner and its instability

 – If the inverter compressor means constant current, the damages will be greater until the internal evaporator fan is damaged, as the speeds will change and fluctuate .

Mbsm.pro, GKT141MBA, Compressor , LG, inverter, BDC, DC compressor, 3 PH, 2.5 HP, 18000 Btu/h, R410A


  • Cooling
    3690~18000~18500 (Btu/h)


  • Power Supply
    1Φ, 220~240V, 50Hz
    Power Supply Cable
    3*1.5 (No.*㎟)
  • Power and Transmission Cable
    4*1.5 (No.*㎟)
    Power Input (Cooling)
    1600 W
  • Running Current (Cooling)
    7.7 A
    Starting Current (Cooling)
    7.7 A
  • EER
    3.30 W/W
    Circuit Breaker
    20 A


  • Indoor,Max
    17.8 (629) ㎥/min(CFM)
    38 (1342) ㎥/min(CFM)


  • Indoor,H/M/L/SL
    42/40/35/29 dB(A)+1
    51 dB(A)+1


  • Type
    Cross Flow Fan
    Motor Type
  • Motor Output
    30 W


  • Type
    Motor Type
  • Motor Output
    43 W


  • Liquid Side
    6.35(1/4) mm(in)
    Gas Side
    12.7(1/2) mm(in)


  • Type
    Twin Rotary
  • Motor Type
    Brushless DC Motor
    Oil Type
  • Oil Charge
    470 cc


  • Cooling (Indoor)
    18 ~ 32 (64.4 ~ 89.6) ℃(℉)
    Cooling (Outdoor)
    18 ~ 48 (64.4 ~ 118.4) ℃(℉)


  • Indoor (W*H*D)
    1030*325*250 mm
    Pack Indoor (W*H*D)
    1095*302*394 mm
  • Outdoor (W*H*D)
    770*545*288 mm
    Pack Outdoor (W*H*D)
    905*573*378 mm


  • Indoor
    12.4(27.3) kg(lbs)
    32.4(71.4) kg(lbs)


  • Indoor
    13.4(29.5) kg(lbs)
    34.5(76.1) kg(lbs)

Mbsm.pro, air conditioner, HBM-18000c, Hyunday, 18000 btu/h, 1.5 ton, 2 hp++, Cooling only, t1