Compressor, Aspera, Embraco, EMT60HLP, R134a, 1/5 CV, 220 à 240 V 50 Hz, Cylindrée = 6.76 CM3, LBP, RSIR

Medium and High Back Pressure Compressors, M/HBP, RSIR, TECUMSEH, 1/5++ HP, R134a, 160g, TWB1374YGS, TW146GY, 220v/50-60, kiriazi defrost, 340L, k350, k350/1, Embraco, ff17.5hak, tw146-gy-486, twb1374ygs

LG rotary, compressor, model, QJS222PMA, 12700BTU 5.6Amps, EER = 10.7, air conditioner

Pressure and boiling Temperature list, standing, Refrigerant, suction, discharge

Compressor Embraco Aspera NEK6210GK, MBP – R404A, R507, 220 – 240V/1/50Hz, 1/2 HP, discharge 8.77 cm3, motor type CSIR, lubricant type POE 22, lubricant charge 350 ml.1318 W at +7.2 / +54.4 °, expansion device: capillary or valve, cooling: fan cooling, weight 11 kg

Refrigerator, compressor, E1134CZA, E1130CZA, E1121CZA, 3/8HP, commercial, freezer, R134a

RÉFRIGÉRATEUR NIKAI, nrf480fn4, 165W, Compressor, ATD60L, Wanbao Huaguang Refrigerator, 1/6Hp, R134A, 120G, 1.25A, 220V/50HZ

Compressor, 1/3HP, FR10S, 103U2930, SECOP, 103U, 2930, Compressor Danfoss, R12, 220-240V, 50Hz

COMPRESSOR, DONPER, NE6213CK, 1/2hp, R404a

Cubigel Compressors, Compressor, GQY80AT, 1/4Hp, LBP, R134a, 8.1cmc,165 W, REFRIGERATEUR INDESIT