Compressor ,DANFOSS , 2123 104L,coolant R404a/R507,SC18CL ,220-240V 50Hz, LBP/MBP (csr),hermetic ,13,7kg ,5/8HP (Big),781W

SECOP Commercial Freezer Compressor SC18CL 104L2123 5/8HP R404aProduct Description:

1.Easy to install ,low cost

2.Low noise and high performance

3.Strong and durable

4.Adapt to unstable power source

5.High reliability, long service life

Key Features:

1. Adopt high efficient rotary compressor and Japan made motors, save power 10% or above.

2. The horizontal designed series can save much space.

3. Optimized design can be tightly built inside the equipment, which can save installation time and labor cost.

4. Widely used in freezing storage, cold room, automatic vendor machine, cold tanks on the ship, etc. as well as in the home use, commercial,

 refrigerator, refrigeration machine, dehumidifier, low-temperature laboratory device and some special refrigeration equipment.

Danfoss Refrigerator Compressor Models and Parameter:

Model Gas Qty/pallet HP Voltage Code Details
SC10C R22 80 1/3 1ph/220V-240/50HZ 104L2516 MLBP HST
SC12C R22 80 3/8 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2674 MLBP HST
SC15CM R22 80 1/2 1ph/220V-240V/50HZ 104L2848 MLBP HST
SC18CM R22 80 5/8 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2120 MLBP HST
SC10D  R22 80 3/8 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2529 MHBP HST
SC12D R22 80 1/2 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2694 MHBP HST
SC15D R22 80 5/8 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2859 MHBP HST
SC10CL R404A 80 1/3 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2523 LMBP HST
SC12CL R404A 80 3/8 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2623 LMBP HST
SC15CL R404a 80 1/2 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2853 LMBP HST
SC18CL R404a 80 5/8 1ph/220V-240V/50HZ 104L2123 LMBP HST
SC21CL R404a 80 7/8 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104L2322 LBP HST
SC10G R134a 80 5/16 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104G8000 LMHBP HST
SC12G R134a 80 1/3 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104G8240 LMHBP HST
SC15G R134a 80 3/8 1ph/220V-240V/50HZ 104G8520 LMHBP HST
SC18G  R134a 80 1/2 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104G8820 LMHBP HST
SC21G  R134a 80 5/8 1ph/220-240V/50HZ 104G8140 LMHBP HST