Compressor ,Embraco Aspera ,NJ2212GK, LBP – R404A, R507, 220-240V/1/50Hz, 1.5 HP, 34.38 cm3, LRA 36.0 A, CSR, lubricant charge 750ml POE 22, 1547 W ,at -23.3 / +54.4 °

efrigerant:R507a R404A
Power range(W):1 – 1,5 kW 1,5 – 2 kW
Performance range (C):-40 C to -10 C
Working area:LBP
Design type:Hermetic
Model series:NJ
Use with:Expansion/Capillary
Power range(HP):0-2
Power supply:230 V
Oil type:POE22
Engine type:CSR
Article condition:New
Info:Oil filled
Shipping weight:23,50 Kg
Contents:1,00 Pieces
Cooling capacity condition:T0 -25 C, Tk +45 C
Manufacturer:Embraco Aspera
Stroke volume (cm3):34,37
Performance condition:-23,3 /54,4 C°
Power (W):1547
Cooling capacity (W):1276
Power (HP):1,5
Max. Starting current (A):36
Engine type:CSR
Note:Fan cooling necessary
Oil quantity (l):0,75
Compressor type:Piston
Power range:-40 C to -10 C

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